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Professor Michele Grossman

Victoria University

Professor Michele Grossman has taught and researched at VU since 1990. She is currently Director for the Centre for Cultural Diversity and Wellbeing (CCDW), where she also leads the Mobilities, Transitions and Resilience Research Program. Before joining CCDW, Professor Grossman served as Associate Dean (Research and Research Training) for the College of Arts’ predecessor Faculty from 2005-2012.

Professor Grossman’s research interests and track record focus on cultural diversity, cultural transitions and community engagement. She is especially interested in policing and cultural diversity, countering violent extremism and community engagement, and theories of multiculturalism, diaspora and convivial social pluralism. She has produced research and publications through collaboration with a wide range of community and government partners spanning the police and government sectors, health and wellbeing agencies, and community development and arts organisations. Professor Grossman is a member of the Attorney-General’s Dept. Countering Violent Extremism Research Panel and serves on the VicHealth Advisory Board to Reduce Race-Based Discrimination.

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