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Reclaiming Australia? Liberalism's role in Islamophobia

With Reclaim Australia planning a fresh round of rallies in cities and towns around the country this weekend, July 18-19, what does the group actually stand for?

I attended a rally in Reclaim Australia’s last nationwide mobilisation in April and interviewed their supporters and opponents. Seldom did any media – which readily would embrace the label of liberal – describe the group’s religious inspiration and those of its partisans. The same liberal media mostly sees religion only when it reports on Muslims.

Contrary to widely held assumptions that Islamophobia is a negation of liberalism, liberalism enables Islamophobia. The two have historically been intertwined.

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The Wire: Rally against Reclaim Australia (listen to the audio)

Friday, 17 July 2015

A second round of rallies for the nationalist group Reclaim Australia is set to take place this coming Sunday, with counter-rallies set up in most of Australia’s major cities to oppose them. The nationalist group insist they are not a racist organization, but their repeated targeting of the Islamic faith, combined with allegations of links to neo-Nazi groups throw doubts on this claim.

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